ARMSmasters - Riot, various - Lead character in pilot currently in production
Fate Saga - Cyrus, Malachi, Vektor, Armound, various - Pitching to networks
The Mill at Calder's End - Bramblegor vocal effects
Prince Adventures: Anointed - Lord Satan
MODdb Awards Show - Wally the Wrench, Phalanx, Turner, Bob "Baldspot", Dr. Karate, the Templar Knight, the Chivalry Knight, Simon, Daniel, Wilson, Gunpoint, Super Trench Attack Guy, and Zombie/monster VO.
Coyote Dinner - Coyote, Jamison, Hubert, Narrator, Bunnies, Cow - Student film based on children's book
Cog and Turbine - Cog, Turbine, Intro Character 1, Intro Character 2, Nanobots, Rustation - Second place in animation pitch contest
Myung Gack - Commander, Examiner, Narrator crowd sounds - Student Film.
Prince Adventures - Lord Satan, Prince Kazi, Demon, Adam, Cain, Great Goshen Citizen One - Audiobook
Twisted Tails the Movie - Doug, Dr. Miller, zombies, cats, various

Video Game
Strife - Rip
Heroes of Newerth - Paku Devourer, Blaze, Nitro Mauser, Bōsōzoku Kumo
Mind Runner - Wyll
Contagion - Zombie VO and survivors

Marvel - Avengers: Age of Ultron Super Heroes Assemble App
Zuru Toys - Gyroz Street Jammerz
Virgin Hotels - A Dog's View
MUSE - Story Telling System
University of Iowa - Find it
Lowery park Zoo Commercial - Giraffe, Koala, Eagle. - ADR for animal characters for Zoo Bright House
Commercials for Safety Harbor Events
Task Runners - Narration - commercial for UK based website

McDonald's - Jalapeno Double Spot
McDonald's - Drive Thru Event
Amazing Pizza Machine - Christmas and New Years Spots
Amazing Pizza Machine - Back to School
Drive Scary Safe Campaign - Connecticut Department of Transportation
Rainbow 411 Bert Smith Automotive
USF College Bulls Radio - Radio Bumps, various announcements and station ID's
SLAM Radio Clearwater
Relay for Life

Character age range 12-90, as well as infants. Character types - Heroes, villains, neutrals, young kids, cartoon characters, wacky, off the wall, madcap, beasts/creatures/monsters, animals and other possible creatures. Accents - Neutral American English, Northeastern American English, Southern American English, Midwestern American English, Midatlantic English, BBC British, Cockney, Liverpool, Australian, German, Russian, Greek and other exaggerated character accents. Tones of Reads; Character - cocky, sarcastic, insane, sinister, intellectual, dumb, awkward, nervous, commanding. Commercial - Conversational, scientific/medical, informative, announcing, character, young kid, youthful, sarcastic, guy next door, sports, cars and other standard and over the top reads.